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Review: The Woman in Cabin Ten by Ruth Ware

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  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster (Jan. 3 2017)
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Book Description

In this tightly wound story, Lo Blacklock, a journalist who writes for a travel magazine, has just been given the assignment of a lifetime: a week on a luxury cruise with only a handful of cabins. At first, Lo’s stay is nothing but pleasant: the cabins are plush, the dinner parties are sparkling, and the guests are elegant. But as the week wears on, frigid winds whip the deck, gray skies fall, and Lo witnesses what she can only describe as a nightmare: a woman being thrown overboard. The problem? All passengers remain accounted for—and so, the ship sails on as if nothing has happened, despite Lo’s desperate attempts to convey that something (or someone) has gone terribly, terribly wrong…

With surprising twists and a setting that proves as uncomfortably claustrophobic as it is eerily beautiful, Ruth Ware offers up another intense read.

 “A dark and gripping thriller that will enchant readers.” (Sarah Ward, author of In Bitter Chill)

“A claustrophobic page-turner that’ll have you suspecting everyone. Agatha Christie for the WhatsApp generation.” (Tamar Cohen, author of The Broken)

“A fantastic read. A fog-enshrouded cruise ship, a twisty puzzle of a murder mystery reminiscent of Agatha Christie, and unrelenting suspense.  Batten down the hatches and prepare to read it in one sitting!” (Shari Lapena, author of The Couple Next Door)

“I devoured this in two tense sittings, reading late into the night, desperately turning the pages to find out what happened. A tense, twisty delight that powers along at a heart rattling pace.” (Angela Clarke, author of Follow Me)

“A deeply intriguing slow-burn mystery that has you wondering if anyone can be trusted. Ware draws you in deep and holds you tight until the very end. Fantastic.” (S. J. I. Holliday, author of Black Wood and Willow Walk)

“A troubled young woman, a trip of a lifetime and a titanic dose of intrigue. All the glamour of Agatha’s Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express but with added mystery. Ruth Ware’s writing is fast and addictive and will keep you guessing until the very end.” (T. R. Richmond, author of What She Left)

The Woman in Cabin 10 is a deliciously compulsive read. At once up-to-the-minute and timeless, it blends classic suspense writing with twenty-first-century twists and turns. A book to keep you reading late into the night and leave your mind and pulse racing long after the final page.” (Ann Morgan, author of Beside Myself)

“I absolutely swallowed it whole. I think it’s even better than Ruth’s first; she takes that classic golden age premise of a locked room and turns it into something completely right for the 21st century.” (Erin Kelly, author of The Ties That Bind)

“For the last two days, I’ve ignored hubby and kids due to complete immersion in The Woman In Cabin 10. Awesome!” (Emma Kavanagh, author of Falling and Hidden)

“With a churning plot worthy of Agatha Christie . . . Ruth Ware twists the wire on readers’ nerves once again. ‘Cabin 10’ just may do to cruise vacations what ‘Jaws’ did to ocean swimming. You’ll be afraid to go out on the water.”


“An atmospheric thriller as twisty and tension-filled as her debut.” (The Washington Post)

“A suspenseful mystery that entangles friendship, identity and memory with a possible murder.”  (Metro)

“Taut and provocative.” (Independent)

"This atmospheric thriller will have you gripped." (Closer)

“A classic "paranoid woman" story with a modern twist in this tense, claustrophobic mystery...The cast of characters, their conversations, and the luxurious but confining setting all echo classic Agatha Christie; in fact, the structure of the mystery itself is an old one: a woman insists murder has occurred,everyone else says she's crazy. But Lo is no wallflower; she is a strong and determined modern heroine who refuses to doubt the evidence of her own instincts.” (Kirkus Reviews)

“Ware’s follow-up to her best-selling debut, In a Dark, Dark Wood, is a gripping maritime psychological thriller that will keep readers spellbound.  The intense final chapters just might induce heart palpitations.” (Library Journal, Starred Review)

"Ruth Ware is back with her second hair-on-the-back-of-your-neck-tingling tale." (Marie Claire)

"[The Woman in Cabin 10] generate[s] a dark, desperate tension that will appeal to Ware’s and Gillian Flynn’s many fans. This is the perfect summer read for those seeking a shadowy counter to the sunshine." (Booklist, Starred Review)

“A fantasy trip aboard a luxury liner turns nightmarish for a young journalist in The Woman in Cabin 10, the pulse-quickening new novel by Ruth Ware, author of In a Dark, Dark Wood.” (O Magazine)

"[A] snappy thriller set on the high seas… The first chapter will grab your attention, force it against a wall and hold it there until the end.” (Associated Press)

"If you're a fan of Agatha Christie, get ready to curl up with this suspenseful mystery." (Bustle)

"Haunting and absurdly suspenseful." (PureWow)

"A great modern whodunit!" (New York Post)

“Ruth Ware’s thrilling suspense novel captivates.” (US Weekly)

"With a flawed but likeable heroine, and a fast moving plot, it makes for a stylish thriller." (Sunday Mirror)

"This beach read thriller has sun, suspense, and goes well with SPF." (TheSkimm)

"Ware does something more than write the next Gone Girl or The Girl on the Train, even if she writes in that wheelhouse. Ware puts her own stamp on the genre... The Woman in Cabin 10 is good: it’s creepy, it’s frustrating, and it’s interesting. It brings elements of our current fixations into the realm of the thriller/mystery in the best possible way." (Electric Literature)

"With a churning plot worthy of Agatha Christie, and fresh on the heels of her bestselling thriller In a Dark, Dark Wood, Ruth Ware twists the wire on readers’ nerves once again. “Cabin 10” just may do to cruise vacations what “Jaws” did to ocean swimming."
  (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

"Ware's propulsive prose keeps readers on the hook and refuses to let anyone off until all has been revealed." (Shelf Awareness)

“Ware plunges the reader headlong into this action-packed, vivid tale, rendering one unable to come up for air until the very last page is turned.” (Toronto Star)

About the Author

 Ruth Ware grew up in Sussex, on the south coast of England. After graduating from Manchester University she moved to Paris, before settling in North London. She has worked as a waitress, a bookseller, a teacher of English as a foreign language and a press officer. She is married with two small children, and In a Dark, Dark Wood is her début thriller.

Find her on twitter at, on facebook at or via her website -

My Review

The Woman in Cabin Ten is the second book I've read of Ware's. Ware is quickly becoming one of my favorite writers.

The Woman in Cabin Ten is set on a small luxury cruise ship on maiden voyage from Hull, England to Trondheim and Bergen Norway. Laura (Lo) Blackstock is a travel writer given a chance at a big story. But when she insists a woman was murdered in the cabin next door , everyone thinks she is crazy. And the story explodes from this point into a taunt, chilling thriller.

The Woman in Cabin Ten is suspense filled and well written. It was simply impossible to put down. Loved the ending, very fitting.

One of the best books I have read in some time.

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