Monday, August 25, 2014

Review: Rollover: A Dan Mahoney Mystery by Susan Slater

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  • Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press; 1 edition (July 1 2014)
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Book Description

 A bank heist turns sleepy little Wagon Mound, New Mexico on its ear. It’s no straight-forward, demand all the money at gun-point, and run out the front door kind of robbery. It’s a sneaky tunneling that probably took months to complete and put the thieves in a room of safe deposit boxes—not the vault which held some two million. Safe deposit boxes? What could have made it worthwhile to bypass a cool couple million?

Maybe the one hundred and ten year old sapphire and diamond necklace belonging to eighty-five year old Gertrude Kennedy was the lure. United Life and Casualty carried a policy on it for five hundred thousand and sent their investigator, Dan Mahoney to sort things out.

But he didn’t quite get there when expected. Catching a ride when his Jeep overheats, Dan is the hapless passenger in a rollover that kills the driver and puts him in the hospital only to find out this was no accident. Someone wants him out of Wagon Mound at any cost.

He doesn’t scare easily. He hasn’t lived his life looking over his shoulder and he’s not starting now. But when fiancée, Elaine Linden, disappears and people close to the case turn up dead, maybe he should reconsider. The note slipped under his door in the dead of night says it all—“it’s not what you think”.

About the Author

 Susan has lived in the Southwest for 32 years. The enchantment of New Mexico comes alive in her Ben Pecos series - The Pumpkin Seed Massacre, Yellow Lies, Thunderbird, and A Way to the Manger.

My Review

Rollover is my first introduction to author Susan Slater. Rollover is a Dan Mahoney mystery and is published by one of my favorite publishers Poisoned Pen Press which focuses on mystery novels. PPP has a great track record with me so I knew I was in for a treat.

Rollover is set in the Southwest, in New Mexico specifically in the very real small town of Wagon Mound. It is generally a sleepy little town however a bank robbery quickly wakes everyone up! It is a complicated bank theft though...a tunnel has been dug that leads straight to the safety deposit boxes and ignores the vault. The object of the heist is a magnificent diamond and sapphire necklace belonging to an elderly woman. The necklace is insured by United Life and Casualty which sends insurance investigator Dan Mahoney to Wagon Mound.

Dan Mahoney is injured in a rollover on his way to Wagon Mound and ends up in the hospital which puts the investigation behind...but was this accident a deliberate action? There are plenty of questions and lots of twists and turns in this excellent mystery thriller! The reader is kept on their toes until the end.

Great read!  What makes this story most fascinating is that the bank heist really did happen in Wagon Mound in 1988 but it was never solved. Looking forward to the next Dan Mahoney Mystery!

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