Friday, August 15, 2014

Children's Book Review: An Armadillo in Paris Julie Kraulis

  • Hardcover: 32 pages
  • Publisher: Tundra Books (Oct. 14 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1770495266
  • ISBN-13: 978-1770495265

Book Description

A winsome armadillo from Brazil takes a trip to Paris in this delightful new picture book from Julie Kraulis. Arlo is an armadillo who is always up for adventure. His grandfather, Augustin, loved adventure too. When Arlo was born, Augustin wrote travel journals about his favorite places for Arlo to use when he was hold enough to go exploring on his own. When Arlo reads about Paris and the one the French call La Dame de Fer, or Iron Lady, he decides it's time to strike out on his first adventure. He travels to France and, guided by Augustin's journal, discovers the joys of Paris: eating a flakey croissant at a café, visiting the Louvre, walking along the Seine and, of course, meeting the Iron Lady... But who is she? Each spread has a clue about her identity, and kids will see hints of her scattered throughout the book. This book is like a gorgeous stroll through Paris with an adorable new friend--a stroll you'll want to take again and again.

About the Author

Toronto-based artist and author Julie Kraulis is passionate about ideas: the unexpected, profound, whimsical, smart. Since completing her Bachelor of Design in Illustration at the Ontario College of Art & Design, Julie has created images that form a diverse body of work ranging from fine art to illustration to design. Her creative journey is one of hope and disbelief, soaring and stumbling. All that she encounters in this wide world becomes her inspiration and she delights in sharing these treasures with others. She is a stop and smell the roses kind of gal who loves to create.

Julie has a unique but adaptive style that can be applied to business needs, as well as personal commissioned work.

My Review

You do not have to be a child to enjoy An Armadillo in Paris. It is charming. Delightful! I love it!

 An Armadillo in Paris is gorgeously illustrated. The illustrations of Paris are realistically and beautifully drawn. Arlo the Armadillo's adventures in Paris cover all the top spots such as the Louvre, the Champs Elysees, and the Arc de Triomphe. He discovers the macarons of Paris which are the colourful, light cookies filled with ganache. He rests on the beautiful Pont Neuf. Arlo has his portrait painted on the banks of the Seine. He searches for the mysterious Iron Lady. And of course he finds her to his delight!

Thank you for taking me back to Paris Arlo. Any child would be lucky to receive this delightful book. What a treasure!

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