Thursday, May 12, 2016

Review: Lise Watier HydraForce

HydraForce Hydra-Protective Creme-Gel

The formula’s effectiveness lies on the remarkable power of Gaspé Algae Extract. A survivor of harsh environments, the Gaspé algae has developed a highly efficient resistance system, enabling it to thrive in severe conditions. Its extract guarantees the skin’s global hydration, transforming it into a veritable defensive shield.

Fortified and protected, the skin is soft, smooth and radiant.Normal to combination skin.

45 ml

Before shower results:

Hands: 40%
Cheek: 40%
Forehead: 36.4%

After shower and applying HydraForce:

Hands: 55.9%
Cheek: 77.4%
Forehead: 59.8%

My Review

 Lise Watier HydraForce is the most amazing moisturizer. I love it! I have not discovered a product like this in years. My face feels so amazing after applying it. Using the tester and the phone app provided by Lise Watier, I tested my skin before and after my shower and after applying HydraForce. As you can see above the results are amazing!

I am so thrilled with Lise Watier HydraForce. I will definitely continue using this product.

Thank you GlamSense for giving me a chance to try this new product out.

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