Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Dishing the Dirt: Agatha's Dating Words of Wisdom and a Review

Wisdom from the amazing Agatha Raisin:

My Review

I just adore Agatha Raisin! Have you not discovered her yet...you're lucky...you get to read all 26 books in the series. They are all so fabulous! Dishing the Dirt is a wonderful addition to the series!

 There is a new therapist in Carsely...and she is chasing after Agatha's ex James. What secrets does she know about Agatha? When the therapist is found dead, Agatha quickly becomes a suspect...so it's up to Agatha and her team of detectives to find the real murderer. It's lovely to be back in Agatha's world where she is chasing after unsuitable men and rushing headlong into danger at the drop of a hat. She is still convinced that Gwen Simple from the previous book is guilty of murder. There is always plenty happening in Agatha's world. The pages turn quickly!!!

Could it be that Charles is the big love of Agatha's life and not James? Charles is finally realizing how much Agatha means to him.

Dishing the Dirt concludes with the promise of a new mystery...cannot wait! Highly recommend Dishing the Dirt and this entire series.

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  1. I read a bunch of the Agatha Raisin books a few years ago. Enjoyed them a lot. She's so funny. I'll have to check and see where I left off. Can't believe there are now 26 books!