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Review: In the Blood by Lisa Unger

  • Format: Kindle Edition
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  • Print Length: 352 pages
  • Publisher: Touchstone (Jan. 7 2014)
  • Sold by: Simon & Schuster Canada, Inc.
  • Language: English

Book Description


Lana Granger lives a life of lies. She has told so many lies about where she comes from and who she is that the truth is like a cloudy nightmare she can’t quite recall. About to graduate from college and with her trust fund almost tapped out, she takes a job babysitting a troubled boy named Luke. Expelled from schools all over the country, the manipulative young Luke is accustomed to controlling the people in his life. But, in Lana, he may have met his match. Or has Lana met hers?

When Lana’s closest friend, Beck, mysteriously disappears, Lana resumes her lying ways—to friends, to the police, to herself. The police have a lot of questions for Lana when the story about her whereabouts the night Beck disappeared doesn’t jibe with eyewitness accounts. Lana will do anything to hide the truth, but it might not be enough to keep her ominous secrets buried: someone else knows about Lana’s lies. And he’s dying to tell.

“Unger pulls off a bravura feat. . . . Readers will … savor the pleasure of being guided by Unger’s sure hand along a deliciously twisted narrative path. Another scary winner from an accomplished pro.”
(Kirkus Reviews)

"[A] gripping novel of psychological suspense. . . [with a] tense, surprise-laden plot."
(Publishers Weekly (starred review))

In the Blood is an absolute corker of a thriller that cements Lisa Unger's status as one of the brightest stars in the game.”
(Dennis Lehane)

"Reading In the Blood is like grabbing a live wire. . . . A shocking, unputdownable thriller."
(Karin Slaughter)

"In the Blood is a riveting new thriller from Lisa Unger. Dark and haunting, with a deadly twist that you won't see coming 'til you're hit between the eyes, this book is a winner."
(Linda Fairstein)

"In the Blood is a psychological thriller that played me--in the best sense--from beginning to surprising end. I guarantee Lisa Unger will pull the rug out from under you more than once, so hold tight."
(Andrew Pyper)

"Unger's latest offering is full of engaging twists and turns. . . . Skillfully keeps the reader guessing. . . Fans of mystery and psychological suspense. . . will be delighted with this imaginative story."
(Library Journal)

About the Author

Lisa Unger is an award-winning New York Times and internationally bestselling author. Her novels have sold more than 1.5 million copies and have been translated into twenty-six languages. She lives in Florida. Visit

My Review

One of the best books I have read in a while. Riveting. Suspense filled. Impossible to put down. Lots of twists that I did not see coming!

This is a story of mental illness interwoven with murders and sinister thoughts. It is a story revolving around different types of love and friendships. It is a story of family. It is a story of dysfunctional relationships and dysfunctional people. Lisa Unger has set this story in the familiar town of The Hollows in New York.

If you haven't read any of Lisa Unger's books and you like a good thriller then it is time you discovered her. If you are already a fan then you definitely are going to enjoy this latest book. It is a book to look forward to diving into once the mayhem of the holidays are over. Release date is January 7, 2014.

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