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Review: Midnight Crossing (Josie Gray Mysteries #5) by Tricia Fields

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  • Publisher: Minotaur Books (July 5 2016)
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Book Description

 Police Chief Josie Gray wakes in the middle of the night, sure that she’s heard a car slowly passing by her remote homestead. When she goes outside to check, she discovers a woman, mute with shock and terror, hiding on her porch. And when she explores the field nearby, she comes across the body of another young woman, shot and killed.

Located on the border of Texas and Mexico, the small town of Artemis has become a way station for the coyotes who ferry immigrants across the Rio Grande. But they usually keep moving north, to cities where they can blend into the crowd and pass by unnoticed. Why would these women stick around in Artemis?

As Josie investigates the murder and tries to learn the identity of her uninvited houseguest, she discovers that not everyone in town has stayed out of the trafficking business, and someone may play a bigger role than she ever expected.

Praise for Midnight Crossing

"Fields wraps a complex plot and ripped-from-the-headlines social relevance around a terrific heroine, scoring big for women in law enforcement." ―Publishers Weekly

Praise for Tricia Fields and the Josie Gray Series

“There’s a new voice in Western crime fiction―Tricia Fields is the real deal.”
―Craig Johnson

“It’s easy to see why Tricia Fields has become one of the authors about whom fans of the mystery genre are raving.”
―William Kent Krueger

“Crime fiction readers who yearn for wide-open spaces, characters with real heartbeats, and stories that ring true will welcome Fields.”
―M. J. Rose

“Tough and determined to make her way in today’s Wild West, Josie is the type of police chief you’d want in your hometown, a gutsy new heroine who would be friends with Nevada Barr’s Anna Pigeon and probably Lori Armstrong’s Mercy Gunderson, too.”
Library Journal

About the Author

 Tricia Fields lives in a log cabin on a small farm with her husband and two daughters. She was born in Hawaii but has spent most of her life in small-town Indiana, where her husband is a state trooper. She won the Tony Hillerman Prize for her first mystery, The Territory, which was also named a Sun-Sentinel Best Mystery Debut of the Year, and has been followed by Scratchgravel Road, Wrecked, and Firebreak.

My Review

Available July 5th!

Midnight Crossing is the fifth book in the Josie Gray Mystery series by author Tricia Fields. This is the first book of Fields that I have read. I was impressed that she had won the Tony Hillerman prize for the first book in the series, The Territory.

For some reason I like to read books set on the border of the US and Mexico. You know there is going to be conflict and drama. Midnight Crossing did not disappoint. Police Chief Josie Gray lives in a remote area of Texas near the border. One night, after hearing a car drive slowly along her remote road, she finds a terrified young woman on her porch. Then there is the young dead woman in her field.

Josie soon discovers there is more going on in her small town of Artemis than she had realized. As she and her team try to find the truth, Josie discovers that evil has infiltrated all social levels in Artemis.

Midnight Crossing is well written and evenly paced. I liked the setting and the characters. It did not matter that I had not read the earlier 4 books in the series.

Highly recommend Midnight Crossing.

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