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Review: The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn

  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Print Length: 448 pages
  • Publisher: William Morrow (Jan. 2 2018)
  • Sold by: HarperCollins Publishers CA
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B06Y55Z36S

  • Book Description

    What did she see?

    It’s been ten long months since Anna Fox last left her home. Ten months during which she has haunted the rooms of her old New York house like a ghost, lost in her memories, too terrified to step outside.

    Anna’s lifeline to the real world is her window, where she sits day after day, watching her neighbours. When the Russells move in, Anna is instantly drawn to them. A picture-perfect family of three, they are an echo of the life that was once hers.

    But one evening, a frenzied scream rips across the silence, and Anna witnesses something no one was supposed to see. Now she must do everything she can to uncover the truth about what really happened. But even if she does, will anyone believe her? And can she even trust herself?

    “Astounding. Thrilling. Lovely and amazing....Finn has created a noir for the new millennium, packed with mesmerizing characters, stunning twists, beautiful writing and a narrator with whom I’d love to split a bottle of pinot. Maybe two bottles—I’ve got a lot of questions for her.” (#1 New York Times bestselling author Gillian Flynn)

    The Woman in the Window is one of those rare books that really is unputdownable. The writing is smooth and often remarkable. The way Finn plays off this totally original story against a background of film noir is both delightful and chilling.” (Stephen King)

    “Twisted to the power of max. Hitchcockian suspense with a 21st century twist.” (Bestselling author Val McDermid)

    The Woman in the Window is a tour de force. A twisting, twisted odyssey inside one woman’s mind, her illusions, delusions, reality. It left my own mind reeling and my heart pounding. An absolutely gripping thriller.” (#1 New York Times bestselling author Louise Penny )

    “Compelling, wrenching, and gasp-for-breath exciting―I was blown away.” (#1 New York Times bestselling author Joe Hill)

    “A dark, twisty confection with an irresistible film noir premise. Hitchcock would have snapped up the rights in a heartbeat.” (New York Times bestselling author Ruth Ware)

    The Woman in the Window is the most riveting thriller I’ve read since Gone Girl. A. J. Finn is a bold new talent with the touch of a master.” (New York Times bestselling author Tess Gerritsen)

    “Finn’s debut lives up to the hype. . . . A riveting and mature first novel that stands out in a crowded genre.” (Library Journal (starred review))

    “Gripping, compelling, and utterly intriguing.” (Liz Nugent, author of the 2017 BEA “Buzz Book” Unraveling Oliver)

    The Woman in the Window reads like a classic Hitchcock movie in novel form, in fact I was half expecting a cameo. Dripping with suspense. Creaking with menace. Beautifully written. There’s a lot of buzz around this book and every single bit of it is totally justified.” (Simon Toyne, bestselling author of the Sanctus trilogy)

    About the Author

    A. J. Finn has written for numerous publications, including the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post, and the Times Literary Supplement (UK). A native of New York, Finn lived in England for ten years before returning to New York City.

    My Review

    The Woman in the Window  by A.J. Finn is a completely engrossing and dark novel. It was one of those impossible to put down books.

    The Woman in the Window features Dr. Anna Fox. Anna has been housebound for most of the past year. Something happened in her life that has brought this on...something to do with her husband and daughter. We learn the truth as the novel progresses. But Anna has had some kind of shock that leaves her unable to leave her house. So she drinks, over medicates herself and she spies on the neighbours.

    One night Anna sees her neighbour murder his wife. But no one believes her. But Anna talked to the woman in question. It drives her further into depression when nobody believes her.

    I never expected the ending of this book. The Woman in the Window constantly surprised me. Great read!

    Highly recommend The Woman in the Window.

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    1. Hello, Kathy. My name is Michael Stephenson. I also enjoyed this novel. At some points I thought I was going to overdose on the film references as it felt super similar to the YA novel Ready Player One in which you didn't have to know all the references, but if you did you enjoyed the novel ten times more. But I still liked it. I also saw the reason for her agoraphobia well before it was revealed. Anyway, I am the author of the upcoming psychological mystery-thriller The Man On The Roof. I was wondering if you ever take review requests directly from authors because I would love to pitch you my novel. Thank you for reading this, and I apologize for reaching out through your comments.