Thursday, February 26, 2015

Review: Destroyer Angel (Anna Pigeon #18) by Nevada Barr

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Book Description

 Anna Pigeon, a ranger for the U.S. Park Services, sets off on vacation—an autumn canoe trip in the to the Iron Range in upstate Minnesota. With Anna is her friend Heath, a paraplegic; Heath’s fifteen-year-old daughter, Elizabeth; Leah, a wealthy designer of outdoor equipment; and her daughter, Katie, who is thirteen. For Heath and Leah, this is a shakedown cruise to test a new cutting edge line of camping equipment. The equipment, designed by Leah, will make camping and canoeing more accessible to disabled outdoorsmen.

On their second night out, Anna goes off on her own for a solo evening float on the Fox River. When she comes back, she finds that four thugs, armed with rifles, pistols, and knives, have taken the two women and their teenaged daughters captive. With limited resources and no access to the outside world, Anna has only two days to rescue them before her friends are either killed or flown out of the country.

About the Author

 Nevada Barr is a mystery fiction author, known for her "Anna Pigeon" series of mysteries, set in National Parks in the United States. Barr has won an Agatha Award for best first novel for Track of the Cat.

Barr was named after the state of her birth. She grew up in Johnstonville, California. She finished college at the University of California, Irvine. Originally, Barr started to pursue a career in theatre, but decided to be a park ranger. In 1984 she published her first novel, Bittersweet, a bleak lesbian historical novel set in the days of the Western frontier.

While working in Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Barr created the Anna Pigeon series. Pigeon is a law enforcement officer with the United States National Park Service. Each book in the series takes place in a different National Park, where Pigeon solves a murder mystery, often related to natural resource issues. She is a satirical, witty woman whose icy exterior is broken down in each book by a hunky male to whom she is attracted (such as Rogelio).

Currently, Ms. Barr lives in New Orleans, LA.

My Review

 Destroyer Angel is the eighteen book in the Anna Pigeon series. While I prefer the earlier books in the series, my favorite is Ill Wind, I like keeping in touch with Anna Pigeon and her adventures. She always introduces us to new and fascinating areas of the United States. In Destroyer Angel we visit the Iron Range in upstate Minnesota. 

Anna head to the Iron Range with a small group of friends for a "vacation". Instead Anna's group which includes one disable person is captured by a group of four thugs. Anna Pigeon in Destroyer Angel is a tough broad! She gets the job done! Plenty of action to keep the reader enthralled.

A good addition to the Anna Pigeon series.


  1. This one was a little different, wasn't it? I read this one with my mystery group and we discussed it. Several of us were long term Anna readers. It got a little mixed reaction. And we thought it interesting that it wasn't set in a National Park. Maybe because Anna wan't really the main character but shared that position. Still a good read.

  2. Yes, it wasn't my favorite. I devoured her earlier books.