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Review: The Difficult Sister (Emma Golden Mysteries #2) by Judy Nedry

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Book Description

Freshly recovered from her adventures in Oregon wine country (An Unholy Alliance, Book 1) Emma Golden is contacted by her old friend Melody Wyatt to help Melody find her missing sister Aurora. Known as "the Bolter", 50-year-old Aurora has burned her way through so many husbands and lovers everyone has lost count. Then, on an internet dating site, Aurora meets Mr. Right. She can't wait to move with him to the southern Oregon coast where, after a few short weeks, she drops out of sight. Emma and Melody head south to find her, and what starts out as a five-day girls' adventure quickly morphs into a terrifying game of cat-and-mouse, murder, and even romance.

About the Author

Judy Nedry graduated University of Oregon with a degree  in journalism and spent more than 20 years documenting the growth of the Pacific Northwest wine and food industries. She parlays this experience, plus her knowledge of small rural communities, into the Emma Golden Mystery Series which debuted in 2009 with "An Unholy Alliance" set in the vineyard-covered hills southwest of Portland, Oregon. The second in the series, "The Difficult Sister," is set on the remote southern Oregon coast. It was released in November, 2013.

The author resides in Portland, Oregon.

From the author:
"I specialize in lost causes, long friendships, and living well when I am able. The last award I won was in 1970; I can’t even pick up a couple bucks from a lottery scratch-it. I love anything to do with words, and always have. It’s a disease. Like my main character, Emma Golden, I’m a real dullard at a party. But I know a lot about food and wine and dark nights of the soul.

I grew up in a home where we were expected to find our own entertainment--riding bikes, disappearing into the woods to build forts...or just wander, stealing the neighbors' berries, lolling by the lake or reading Classic comic books on hot summer afternoons, eavesdropping on conversations at our mostly dysfunctional family events,and later just eavesdropping. And of course, reading. There was always a book around.

It is natural I became a story teller because I love stories. At college I started out as an English major, and then switched to journalism because it seemed to make sense.

As a journalist I became a better listener. As a wine and food writer I discovered an world of pleasures beyond my wildest imaginings. You see, I'd grown up in small towns. Where I came from, people didn't eat fine food or drink wine. I literally fell off a turnip truck! But I always knew there was more out there because I read books.

In addition to writing, I have worked in strawberry fields and onion fields, shipped potatoes and onions all over the continental United States, taken a summer job as secretary for a small town attorney, spent a month in New York as a guest editor for Mademoiselle magazine, served as managing editor for a small alternative magazine in the early 1970s, become a stock broker (a big mistake for someone like me!), helped found a vineyard and winery, co-founded a wine and food magazine, and traveled all over the world. I even ran a farmers' market for six months, carhopped at an A&W rootbeer stand, volunteered at a college theatre (and was smitten), married and bore two children.

All the while reading, loving, devouring mysteries, spy novels, thrillers, and suspense...."

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My Review

I was introduced to author Judy Nedry and the Emma Golden Mysteries in Nedry's first book, An Unholy Alliance, which is a great mystery. The second book in the series, The Difficult Sister, is another fabulous story.

Ah....internet dating (something I am so glad that I do need to explore) always sends up warning signs to me. I find it terrifying! Emma Golden's friend Melody's sister Aurora who is a serial dater and serial wife thinks she has found Mr. Right this time. She moves to the southern coast of Oregon (which is gorgeous) to find her happiness....again. When she disappears shortly after arriving there, Melody asks Emma for her help in finding her sister Aurora.

The Difficult Sister is filled with interesting characters, a great setting and an abundance of suspense! It is hard to put down! It is wonderful to visit southern Oregon on these pages, particularly Bandon which is home to my favorite ocean-side fish and chips shack. A good author like Nedry lets the reader feel like they are really there....great sense of place.  I like that Nedry writes about older women who are flawed and realistic. I get tired of reading about perfect, perky, young women! The Difficult Sister is a fast paced suspenseful read. Emma is a foodie and there is romance but I wouldn't classify this as a cozy mystery. Satisfying ending.

Highly recommend this series set in the beautiful state of Oregon. You do not need to have read the first book to fully enjoy The Difficult Sister.

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