Saturday, September 17, 2011

Review: Scrafitto by Steve Scarborough

  • Paperback: 236 pages
  • Publisher: CopTales (August 1, 2011)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1610090217
  • ISBN-13: 978-1610090216

Product Description


After fleeing the States, ex-homicide cop Mitch Sharp now has a great life as a commercial photographer in a Costa Rican resort town. He describes his new life in picturesque Quepos with a local saying, pura vida, “this is living.” His comfortable existence in the expatriate art community is shattered when someone begins attacking women and cutting them with a razor-like knife, deliberately splattering their blood on nearby walls. The local police are loath to investigate. The Latin macho society wants to ignore the socially uncomfortable crimes against women. Mitch is also reluctant to help, thinking he left that life behind. When the attacks escalate to murder, and Mitch's new love is targeted by the slasher, he can't avoid being drawn in. Isolated in a foreign country, Mitch must combine an unusual team of ex-pats with his investigative and photography skills to stop the killer from striking again. 

About the Author


Steve Scarborough is an author and retired Forensic Scientist with over 30 years experience in Law Enforcement with Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (yes, the CSI) and the FBI. He is an accomplished technical writer with almost 30 articles in trade magazines and professional journals. He also has two published humor books, “Not Tonight Dear, I have a Computer” and “The Hired Defense Witness Jokebook.” Along with classes at forensic conferences, he regularly conducts workshops teaching forensics and crime investigation to writers. Steve lives in Las Vegas with his wife, two daughters and his two “adopted” daughters.

My Review

Wonderful change to have a mystery novel set in a locale that is different from most.  Scrafitto is set in the Costa Rican resort town of Quepos.  I took a quick peak at images of Quepos online and it is definitely a gorgeous tropical spot!

The author of Scrapito Steve Scarborough is a retired Forensic Scientist who has 30 years experience with the Las Vegas PD and the FBI.  His background brings the investigation of murders to life with realism that can only come from experience.  Mitch Sharp is an ex-homicide cop from Seal Beach, California who has escaped to Quepos for a new life as a photographer.  He has a successful business going and I actually learned a few photography tips from this book!  But a series of murders brings local police in search of his experience as a homicide officer to his door.  He was already growing concerned about the murders himself thus he is drawn back into his old profession.

Well written, good story that kept me guessing to the end.  Loved the setting and the realistic portrayal of the locals and the ex-pats that live there.  Looking forward to the next Mitch Sharp adventure.

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